<div class="psm">Yacht interior design: having fully analyzed the lifestyle and on-board requirements for the interior space of our clients' yachts and sailing boats, we will undertake a series of strategic interior design steps.<br /> <br /> Interior &amp; contract: there are no neutral spaces, every space comunicates something to people, conditioning them either on perceptive level or psychlogical level.<br /> <br /> Architectural linker: to cuddle and to be cuddled, the new trend is to be attended by a personal assistant from a personal shopper for any kind of purchase to a personal trainer for your health. <br /> <br /> <a href="index_eng.asp">Home page</a> - <a href="contacts.asp">Contacts</a> - <a href="links_eng.asp">Link</a> - <a href="press_eng.asp">Press</a> - <a href="yacht_eng.asp">Yacht Interior Italian Design</a> - <a href="interior_eng.asp">Interior Design Italian Style</a> - <a href="architectural_eng.asp">Interior Italian Design</a> - <a href="index.asp">Progettazione D’interni</a></div>